Excerpt from the Covenant with Black America

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” so it has been said. But for Black America, what if it is hot in every room?

There is no hiding place from the realities, hardships, and challenges that reflect the complexity of black economic progress since the civil rights movement 50 years ago. At that time, many assumed that the hard-fought victories for voting rights, access to education, and economic opportunity would become the gateway to economic parity and the elimination of urban poverty. However, as the painful images of Hurricane Katrina have revealed, there remains a significant wealth gap between blacks and whites in this nation―one that must be closed if America is to thrive in the 21st century.

This is our hour: We have seen the challenges ahead of us and know that we have a long way to go. We have also seen that our economic progress sometimes stands on shaky ground. But, our resolve must be solid as a rock. We must take ownership of our own economic destiny as well as urge our leaders to develop policies to help working families. Let our generation’s commitment to equality and economic opportunity be our guiding force. We must stand together―steadfast and unmovable―in this new century to become an America that truly reflects justice, equality, and opportunity for all people and for generations to come.

-excerpt from Marc H. Morial’s essay in the Covenant with Black America

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Organizations Advocating For Change

Project Enterprise

Project Enterprise, based in New York City, helps entrepreneurs make the most out of their dollars. Arva Rice, Executive Director/CEO, discusses how Project Enterprise provides loans, training, and support to individuals who want to start and market small businesses. It has served over 2000 entrepreneurs with strategic planning and goal setting, marketing, growing their business, and personal and financial management. Rice also talks about obstacles to entrepreneurship and calls for the Federal government to recommit to community-building initiatives.

Find out more about Project Enterprise

Other organizations
Below are links to organizations working on issues relating to jobs, wealth, and economic prosperity. We will continue to add organizations, publications, and other resources to this list.

Opportunity Agenda

Opportunity Agenda believes that true opportunity requires a commitment to a core set of values. These values are integrally related to the principle of human rights. Equal treatment, a voice in societal decisions, a chance to start over, and the tools to meet our own basic needs are not just good policy ideas. They are the right of every human being simply by virtue of his or her humanity. Their 6 Core Values are Mobility, Equality, Voice, Redemption, Community, and Security.

Find out more about Opportunity Agenda

The Jamestown Project
Healthcare and Well-Being
Criminal Justice
Police Accountability
Affordable Neighborhoods
Rural Development
Economic Prosperity
Environmental Justice
Digital Divide
Advocating for Change
Youth Call To Action
Plan A Town Hall Meeting
Covenant Curricula

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