Our Supporters

We wish to thank all individuals, families, organizations, corporations, and institutions that contributed to the Covenant with Black America project and book. The editors have made every effort to ensure that every donor who provided full and complete information is listed. Again, many thanks.

Select from the links below to filter our supporter list alphabetically by last name.

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Our Supporters "G"

  • Marjorie Gabriel-Burrow
  • Kimberly Gaddy
  • Andre' Gafford
  • Gabrielle Gafford
  • Brenda O. Gaines
  • Morlene Gaines
  • Raymond V. Gaines
  • Michele Galloway
  • Alease Gant
  • Beatrice Gantt
  • Valerie Gardin
  • James & Esther Gardner
  • Aldwyn Gardner, II
  • Tonia Garnett
  • Dennis Garrett
  • Floyd Garrett
  • Kenya Garrett
  • Louis Garrett
  • Jewell K. Garrison
  • Melinda Geddes
  • Rae George
  • Sheryl George
  • Brent Gerald
  • Jacquelyn German
  • Lisa Ghee
  • Russell Gibbs
  • Eugene Gibson
  • Karla Gibson
  • Karla M. Gibson
  • Carol Gibson-Stern
  • Uwimana M. Gilbert
  • Michelle Giles
  • Elaine Q. S. Gill
  • Eugene Gillen
  • Brent Gillum
  • Felicia Gilner
  • Greta Gipson
  • Cheryl Gist
  • Claudia C. Givens
  • Michael Glapion
  • Eddie Glaude
  • Mark Glaze
  • David Godbolt


  • Elana D. Godbolt
  • Donald Godine
  • Robert D. Goins
  • Michelle Goldsby
  • Qunea Gordon
  • Steve Gordon
  • Cheryl L. Gordon-Butler
  • Theresa Govan
  • Hattie Grace
  • Debra Graham
  • Tracie Graham
  • Nicole Grainger
  • Cheryl Gray
  • Richard Gray
  • Stephen Gray
  • Natalie Grayson
  • Jerome Green
  • John E. Green
  • John E. P. Green
  • Minnedore F. Green
  • Nehanda Green
  • Patricia Green
  • Prudence Green
  • Ruby Green
  • Teale Green
  • Tommy Green
  • Barbara Greene
  • Melissa Greene
  • Andre & Laura Greene
  • G.G. Grego-Hondjera
  • Anthony Gregory
  • Lorenzo & Marilyn Gregory
  • Darius Griffin
  • Delia Griffin
  • Kimiko Griffin
  • Stephanie Griffith
  • Minnie Grissett
  • Marketha Gully
  • Herbert H. Gunn, Jr. M.D.
  • Herbert Gunn, M.D.
  • Emma Jean Ghee Leche
  • Willie R. Gooden-Littleton
  • Sara S. Giles
The Jamestown Project
Healthcare and Well-Being
Criminal Justice
Police Accountability
Affordable Neighborhoods
Rural Development
Economic Prosperity
Environmental Justice
Digital Divide
Advocating for Change
Youth Call To Action
Plan A Town Hall Meeting
Covenant Curricula
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